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Posted 3 years ago

Placemarker by Canisbos Computing

Placemarker is for those times when you wish you could save your place in a long web page so you could come back to that point later without having to hunt for it. Placemarker lets you create special bookmarks, called placemarks, that it saves to Instapaper or Read It Later, whichever service you prefer. (You can also save a placemark as a Safari bookmark, though you’ll have to save the bookmark manually.)

The magic happens when you later open the placemark: Safari will automatically scroll to the phrase you selected when you created the placemark.

Posted 4 years ago

Read It Later Restyled by Josh Nichols

This is a userscript/Safari extension that simply changes the look of the Read It Later Web interface.

Posted 4 years ago

Save For Later by Gary Buddell

Add items to your Read It Later list.