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Posted 3 years ago

RIP by Andrew Hannah

Removes Google’s Instant Preview.

Instant Preview is that annoying magnifying glass Google insists on inserting beside every search result.

When you click on it, or indeed anywhere near a result, an image pops up giving a fairly useless screenshot of the website.

RIP removes this. Simples.

Posted 3 years ago

Ticker Tool by Mowglii Apps

Ticker Tool is a Safari extension for stock quotes and more:

  • Stock quotes from Google Finance
  • Conference call transcripts from Seeking Alpha
  • S.E.C. filings from

Psst! Ticker Tool displays results in the active tab. You can display results in a new tab by holding down the Command key when you submit your query. You can also set Ticker Tool to always open results in a new tab via the settings panel in Safari > Preferences… > Extensions > Ticker Tool.

Posted 3 years ago

Google Bookmarks Autocomplete by Rajeev Deut

This extension allows you to quickly select one or more of your labels whilst typing in the Google Bookmarks search box.

I wrote it to replicate Delicious functionality as I’ve migrated to Google Bookmarks because of the closure announcement of Delicious.

Posted 3 years ago

G-bookmarks by Perfect Game

The G-bookmarks extension for Apple Safari offers a great way to access the Google Bookmarks right in an active tab. You find your bookmarks quickly by selecting one or several labels. G-bookmarks tells you labels crossing as you select them with a blue color highlighting. The extension remembers your last choice.

Posted 3 years ago

Pure Reader by Na Wong

A gorgeous remix of Google Reader, with similarities to Reeder. Highly recommended.

Posted 3 years ago

Google Calendar by Matt Sephton

Changes the background colour of Saturdays and Sundays on your Google Calendar. Hooray for weekends!


Posted 3 years ago

8-Bit News by Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale

8-Bit News gives Google News a retro, 8-bit look. Apart from looking cool, 8-Bit News also emphasises the news on the page and removes alternate headlines, “starring”, and so on.

At least us ugly as Google News’s default appearance.

Posted 3 years ago URL Shortener by Semimagic

Google just opened their URL Shortener to the public, and in honor of the occasion, I whipped up a Safari Extension that will quickly shorten the URL of the currently open tab using Google’s service. The Safari Extension is free and (mostly) open source.

Posted 3 years ago

Enlarge Flickr Image On Google Reader by norio-nomura

On Google Reader, this extension replaces Flickr’s rss feed images with lager one or embeded video.

Chrome Extension is also available here.