Posted 3 years ago

Soothing Green Light by Nathan Greenstein

Restore the soothing green color of

Many of us love and its soothing green color. Tragically, a recent redesign has left the amount of green at crisis levels. Fear not, geeks: Soothing Green Light, a free Safari extension, restores the green color to a degree beyond what we’ve ever seen! The Slashdot homepage and story pages are stylishly recolored to give you more of your favorite green.

Enjoy Slashdot in all its green glory without sacrificing legibility or function.


Posted 3 years ago

TabLock by Andrew Hannah

Provides the ability to lock tabs in Safari.

If you have ever accidentally closed a tab containing form information, or loading a video, this is the extension for you! Discretely distinguishing locked from unlocked tabs, TabLock notifies you if you try to close a locked tab, giving you the option to keep it open.

TabLock gives you peace of mind.

Posted 3 years ago

QR Code Generator by Duncan Midwinter

The QR Code Generator extension allows you to generate a QR Code for the current URL. QR Codes can be scanned and read by mobile devices that have cameras and decoding software.

QR Code Generator

Posted 3 years ago bookmarks bar and quick search by Juha Sadeharju is a Finnish online auction site. This extension provides more visibility to your bookmarked items and also has a quick search feature.

Posted 3 years ago

RIP by Andrew Hannah

Removes Google’s Instant Preview.

Instant Preview is that annoying magnifying glass Google insists on inserting beside every search result.

When you click on it, or indeed anywhere near a result, an image pops up giving a fairly useless screenshot of the website.

RIP removes this. Simples.

Posted 3 years ago

remYoutubeAdFrame by Detlef Schneider

This Extension hides the annoying advertising block from the YouTube start page.

Posted 3 years ago URL Shortener by Xavier Lacot

This extension allows posting the shortened url to several services like Twitter or delicious, and also enables to save the original url in the great service provided by our friends of Blogmarks, a social bookmarking platform.

Moreover, this extension has been open-sourced, and is available on GitHub. Feel free to contribute!

Posted 3 years ago

The Best Price by Slice Factory

Automatically get the lowest price on whatever you’re buying!

Whether or not you use price comparison services, you’ve probably noticed that the same product is found at very different prices according to online dealers. Now always buy at the best price and do not miss the bargains!

Discreet but watchful


Don’t change your habits. TheBestPrice works with 300+ online retailers and will only notify you when a cheaper price is found for the product you’re currently seeing. Get disturbed only when you’re about to lose money !

Automatic and real time price comparisonimage

TheBestPrice uses a browser icon (a shopping cart icon next to your address bar) to indicate when a better price has been found, or if you have found the best price. Just by looking at TheBestPrice icon you will know if you’re making the right decision !

Save time and money

If TheBestPrice indicates cheaper prices (green color) , a single click on the icon will display the full list of online retailers selling the same product and their corresponding prices. Click on your preferred merchant or offer, it will immediately lead you to the right destination.

Useful in all circumstances

For some reason TheBestPrice may not detect the product you’re currently watching. Never mind, you can still use the embedded price search engine : click on TheBestPrice icon and enter the product keywords. Never leave the page you’re on again !

You can also highlight a page text selection and click on TheBestPrice icon : it will automatically search corresponding products in our database.

Summary of TheBestPrice browser icon color codes :

GREEN badge : the same product is cheaper somewhere else

BLUE badge : the price is equivalent on other retailers

ORANGE badge : the price is higher on other retailers

Posted 3 years ago

Delicious (unofficial) by Giancarlo Romeo

A nice Apple Safari Extension that helps you to save your boomarks on Delicious.

Posted 3 years ago

Audio Switch by effeerre75

This toolbar extension add a button that allow the user to switch off/on the audio of the browser just clicking on it. The user can choose if the audio will be enabled or disabled by default.

Made by effeerre75 for the AMUG Ticino groups.

Note: website in Italian.