Posted 1 year ago

Kiwi Services for

Kiwi is a client for the new ad-free social network This extension lets you integrate Safari and Kiwi to make posting to even easier.

Posted 3 years ago

Block Fanfic Characters by nothorse

So there you are, trolling through the listings at Everything would be just fine, some nice new stories, but there’s this obnoxius character you just can’t stand paired with your personal favourite character. It burns your eyes, yes it does!

Fear not. This extension for Safari will hide any and every story from your eyes, if the hated character shows up in the pairing.

Download and install Block Fanfic Characters to avoid brain bleach and eye-gouging.

If you put your mental health at risk by reading fanfic, I imagine this will come in handy.

Posted 3 years ago

Tumblr Notifier by Ethan Sherbondy

Notifier was broken for a bit after Tumblr changed they way they handle new post notifications. I’m happy to report it’s now back up and running. If you have Safari and love getting notified when new content appears in your Dashboard, grab it! You don’t even need to enter your credentials anymore.

Source code is available as always.

I don’t usually repost the same extension, but it was a shame when this one stopped working. Good to have it back.

Posted 3 years ago

ReCloudApp by Cornell Campbell

ReCloudApp is a simple redesign of the interface (for CloudApp available at This extension is based on a design by Fares Farhan that was first posted to All props to Fares for a great design.

Sweet, but only applied to the main page. Click on Account and you’re back to the normal Cloudapp design.

Posted 3 years ago

Xdebug Toggler for Safari by Ben Selby

Allows you to auto start Xdebug debugging from within Safari.

Useful for PHP developers. The extension page mentions developing in Eclipse, and it looks like this helps provide an alternative for the poor sods who are otherwise stuck doing that.

Posted 3 years ago

TaggedPlus for by Alex de Moure

  1. Make “Navigation Bar” static: Option to make the Tagged menu bar fixed at top.
  2. Use “Browse Bar” as a dock: If you use “Browse” to search, this option moves the browser at bottom-right, it’s also auto hidding like a dock.
  3. Move “Footer” to bottom in Home: Moves the page footer to the bottom only on Home page.
  4. Use arrows as navigation keys: Option to browse photos using the arrow keys: left arrow and right arrow. Works on the old “Photo gallery” and “Browser”, not needed in the new “Preview photos”.
  5. Skins: There are times when the background color and text doesn’t contrast, the extension offers an option to change “Skins” globally, the choices are: default skin, 4 skin designs, and of course the option to not replace it.
  6. Boxes: Option to hide/show several boxes on profiles.

It also fixes the “Change Skin” module in Safari if you use AdBlock.

Posted 3 years ago

SafariPaper by Jacopo Donati

This extension adds “Read Later” links next to article dates in Safari’s RSS view. Someone should consider doing a similar extension for Readability.

Posted 3 years ago

Snipe by Joseph Schmitt


Snipe is a Safari and Chrome extension that allows you to quickly sift through the sea of open tabs you accumulate throughout the day. Simply invoke the keyboard shortcut and up pops a Quicksilver-like input field allowing you to search through your open tabs and select one, without ever leaving your keyboard.

This is extremely clever. The search is fuzzy, too, so you don’t have to get the title or subject exactly right. If you wind up with lots of tabs, you want this.

Posted 3 years ago

XV XML viewer by Sergey Chikuyonok

XV is a browser-based XML viewer with lots of features like XPath search, document outline, XPath drag’n’drop. It’s available for Safari and Chrome.

Looks like the design is based on MacRabbit’s Espresso, so the XML view is very pretty.

Posted 3 years ago

Basecamp Annoyance Remover by Richard Lyon

Does the vulgar “Oops! You haven’t given 37 Signals quite enough money yet!!!” yellow sticky on your Basecamp dashboard annoy you as much as it annoys me? I’ve created a little Safari extension that removes their vulgarity and restores some semblance of order to your dashboard. It loads a little bit of CSS that makes their used car salesman nonsense invisible, so you can concentrate on your work.

Safari Extensions recommends Basecamp and also encourages users to stay current on their payments so they don’t need this extension. The views expressed in the above description are not those of Safari Extensions.